Miele 10% Off Kitchen Promotion Returns!! Running July 28th – December 4th, 2017

We are excited to announce the return of our 10% Off Miele Kitchen Package rebate promotion!! Below, please find further details for this upcoming promotion:

1.) Range OR Cooktop/Rangetop & Oven ( with the inclusion of Convection, Speed or Combi-Steam)
2.) Dishwasher
3.) At least one additional qualifying appliance

· Purchase applicable Miele products between July 28th – December 4th, 2017
· Pre-register your order at www.mielerebates.com
· Receive delivery by August 31st, 2018
· Complete your rebate claim by returning to www.mielerebates.com by September 30th, 2018
· Allow six to eight weeks for fulfillment (post submission)

Detailed info see the link: http://mieleusa.com/promotions